Gwen MacGregor

In situ excerpts from GPS Satellite Series

GPS Series – GPS Satellite Series

video installation

five-channel looped videos displayed in stainless steel frames; exhibited at Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, 2006, and Conceptual Cartographies, Saide Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Montreal, 2006

These works use numerical relationships between time and space to offer a visually compelling representation of three hours from space and from the earth. The series of five video works each focus on one city (London, Toronto, Berlin, Montreal, Fernie). On the left of the screen is the GPS recording of a three-hour period I spent in that city. On the right is an animation of a satellite that at some point flew over the city on the left. This was created by downloading stills from the internet of the current position of the satellite.

About the GPS Series:
Since 2004 I have been carrying a GPS everywhere I go to record my movements. This raw data is used to create animated drawings for an ongoing series.