Gwen MacGregor

Research, Flow Charts and Data Banks


recycled packaging, paper-mache, drawing, video, animation; exhibited at Kitchener–Waterloo Art Gallery, 2010

In this installation I explored the possibilities of the Grand River as subject matter through both process driven exploration and analytical research. In the summer of 2009 fellow artist Gordon Hicks and I canoed the Grand River from the headwaters to Lake Erie.

Video documentation and GPS (Global Positioning System) information gathered from that trip was combined with historical research material to create the video works, Headwaters to Lake Erie and Sheds. Accompanying these was a floor installation Banks that combined a GIS (Geographic Information System) representation of viable locations for wildflower growth within the watershed. Made with recycled packaging from organic products, the installation created an imaginary landscape of the River’s watershed. Together these works offered an environment of enquiry, possibility and understanding about the Grand River.

Excerpt from Sheds
Research, Flow Charts and Data Banks at Kitchener–Waterloo Art Gallery