Gwen MacGregor

Gwen MacGregor and Sandra Rechico: Rejoinder, video installation, 2012 (detail)

Collaborations with Sandra Rechico

Since 2008 I have been collaborating with Sandra Rechico on a series of installations, drawings and videos. Exhibitions include Maps in Doubt at Mercer Union, Toronto, in 2008, and Galerie B-312 in Montreal in 2009, Backtrack at A trans Pavilion, Berlin in 2011 and inclusion in PlaceMarkers at Dalhousie Gallery in Halifax curated by Peter Dykhuis in 2012.

Gwen MacGregor and Sandra Rechico: Floppy Map, 2008
Backtrack exhibition at A trans Pavilion, Berlin, 2011
You are Here, multiple, silicone, 2011