Gwen MacGregor

Workparty: The Little People, multimedia installation, 2013

Workparty: The Little People

multimedia installation

kinder toys, plasticine, cardboard, lights; exhibited in Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2013, Zone A, curated by Ami Barak

In 2011, in Barnaul, Russian activists unhappy with the corruption in a recent election were banned from organizing a public protest. In response they substituted kinder toys (a plastic toy that comes inside a chocolate egg) for themselves and staged a demonstration. Unfortunately the kinder toy protest was also banned by authorities who stated that inanimate playthings can’t assemble for public political gatherings. In honour of these imaginative activists Workparty staged a Kinder Toy protest inside Toronto City Hall (a site legally off-limits to human protesters), highlighting issues that matter to the Toronto public.